Josh’s Plan for Chester County


A return to good governance

What will Josh do? Uphold a standard of government operation that is transparent, accountable, honest, and just.

How will he do it? Working closely in partnership with the nonpartisan county controller’s office, auditor general, and others responsible for oversight.

Creating affordable housing

What will Josh do? Ensure that everyone from first-time homebuyers to seniors entering retirement have housing they can afford to purchase and maintain.

How will he do it? Invest, expand, and develop the Housing Authority of Chester County.

Expanding and restoring transit service

What will Josh do? Make Chester County’s boroughs and city livable and navigable without a car.

How will he do it? Restore train service to outlying communities and the county seat; investigate a bike-share program for the county; reduce fares for seniors.

Green Energy and Pipelines

What will Josh do? Stand up to oil and gas companies while making our county a leader in green energy, jobs, and technology.

How will he do it? Establish an emergency plan on Day One and create a citizens’ advisory board for environmental issues.

Healing the opioid epidemic

What will Josh do? Work to reduce opioid deaths and treat addiction like the disease that it is with compassion and help.

How will he do it? Dedicate county resources to research-backed recovery programs and outreach.

Preserving natural land

What will Josh do? Maintain our county’s famous natural beauty and green spaces.

How will he do it? Enact strict standards for new developments and encourage connection and recreational use of trails and parks.

Standing up for social justice

What will Josh do? As an ally to women, people of color, immigrants, gay and transgender individuals, people with disabilities, and other groups who are traditionally marginalized in society, Josh will ensure that Chester County provides a safe, respectful, and just home for all who live here, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender and gender identity, or sexual orientation.

How will he do it? Partner with community leaders to create task forces for groups such as women, LGTBQ+ individuals, and the Latinx community. Listen, not dictate, what those communities need and put the county to work for them. Offer “office hours” for county residents to approach with ideas and concerns.