Preserving Natural Lands


In Josh’s own words:

We have to safeguard the green spaces that make Chester County so beautiful. These are the places that people grow up remembering and cherish for a lifetime—my wife and even I got engaged on a Chester County trail.

Josh’s plan:


Expand preservation efforts

In order for Chester County to continue to be one of the best places to live, we need to expand our efforts to preserve open-space as development interest grows in our area. Josh will strengthen partnerships with non-profits specializing in land preservation, incentivize municipalities to protect lands, and utilize private investments to grow our open space preservation efforts.


Enhance existing open space

Chester County should continue to invest in our open spaces with historic tree preservation, stream maintenance and trail extensions. As commissioner, Josh believes that doing a little bit of work every year in our preserved areas will go a long way towards making sure future generations enjoy the beauty of Chester County as much as we do now.


Connect trails and protected areas

As an avid fan of the outdoors for recreation and beyond, Josh believes that Chester County preserved lands will become more and more useable as we build trail connections for pedestrians and bikers to enjoy. He believes that we should be able to traverse between protected areas from Southern Chester County to Northern Chester County without traveling along a roadway.