A responsible government


In Josh’s own words:

In a place like Chester County, with all its economic diversity, you must respect every tax dollar. That’s the only way to build trust.

Josh’s plan:


Accountability and Transparency

Josh will restore faith in county government by ensuring all administrators, including Republican and Democratic elected officials, adhere to an nepotism policy. Furthermore, Josh will make county budgets and audits available online in an easy to read and search format, and personally host “office hours” in each section of the county to make sure all constituent questions are addressed and answered.


Public Financial Management

Josh will respect every tax dollar by ensuring public investments are made strategically with the best medium- and long-term benefits in mind. He will work to pay down county debt so that more annual investments can be made on public infrastructure projects and oversee monthly department meetings that focus on improving the financial health of the county.


Strategic Investments

Josh will build stronger relationships with the private sector and non-profit sector to tackle social issues facing Chester County communities. He will meet regularly with Chester County stakeholders to ensure county investments are being made wisely and pivoting to programs that bring the best results.