Affordable Housing


In Josh’s own words:

Chester County simply needs to be a place where you can buy a house and live in it for as long as you choose.

Josh’s plan:



Chester County residents deserve the opportunity to live here throughout whatever happens in their lives. Josh believes our county must make the necessary investments into the Housing Authority of Chester County so that residents in all areas of Chester County have access to affordable housing should they need it. Applications should be easy to complete and quickly reviewed and approved.



Josh will work to expand affordable housing facilities to ensure that wherever someone lives or works, they’ll have access to a location and nearby public transportation. His priority will be making sure every zip code in Chester County has Affordable Housing facilities that serve the community.



Josh believes that “affordable” and “comfortable” can and should refer to the same residences. He will work to improve our Affordable Housing facilitates with renovations and development of new, modern units. Chester County should develop programming training on educational goal completion, job skills, and home ownership.