Green Energy and Safety


In Josh’s own words:

There is a crisis happening literally in our backyards.

The days of Chester County being taken advantage of must be behind us. Electeds must lead the effort to hold pipeline companies accountable for their actions.

Josh’s plan:


Citizens Environment Advisory Board

Our citizens are well-informed and intelligent as they fight for open space preservation, ending climate change, building a green infrastructure, and standing up for families affected by dangerous pipelines. Josh plans to bring the power of this activism to fruition by establishing a Citizens Advisory Board with direct access to the County Commission and Department Administrators so that county residents have a voice and a “place at the table” when it comes to how Chester County can lead Pennsylvania on environmental issues. Furthermore, Josh believes that citizens must be made aware of their rights before land agents take advantage of them and be provided with the resources to bargain for easements collectively.


Strategic Planning for Green Energy

Chester County should emphasize in its strategic planning documents, including Landscapes 3, the need for energy efficient building practices, and enforce those practices through incentives to municipalities that provide for green building practices in their zoning. Furthermore, Chester County should utilize public grounds to build green energy facilities to offset our county’s carbon footprint. Our county should develop a revolving fund to help residential and commercial property owners to renovate exiting building to be energy independent.


Emergency Plans on Day One

Chester County residents have been taken advantage of by pipeline companies; properties have been destroyed and the increased risk associated with NGLs has not been properly vetted by state agencies or accounted for in emergency management plans. That ends next year. On Day One, Josh will work to develop and establish a county-funded emergency management plan and hold pipeline companies accountable for funding its implementation.