Transit Expansion


In Josh’s own words:

We need better and more adequate public transit. You shouldn’t need a car to live and work in Chester County.

Josh’s plan:


Restore train service

Rail service is key to attracting jobs to Chester County and ensuring our communities stay clean and green. While the central part of Chester County has rail service, Josh will work to expand that access to our other urban centers, including communities in the northern part of the county, and our county seat.


Bike sharing and trails

Chester County’s trails are an asset that make our county special. Josh believes that a bike share system in Chester County will take advantage of our expansive trail network and provide funding for further investments into our trail network. Residents should be able to ride a bike share from any one of our boroughs without riding along a roadway.


Reduced fares for seniors

While public transportation investments come more readily and fares rise to correspond, we must remember that seniors in our community who live on fixed-incomes rely on this transportation to gain access to services. Josh will ensure that transit fares will be affordable to every senior living in Chester County.