Healing the Opioid Crisis


In Josh’s own words:

I’ve seen firsthand what addiction does to families. County government needs to step up.

Josh’s plan:


Education and Fighting Stigma

Josh believes that as a community, we need to tear down the stigmas associated with addiction. To do this, as commissioner, he will work to see Chester County expand community awareness events that focus on drugs, drug policies, and treatment, including specialized events for parents, children, and loved ones of those struggling with addiction. Furthermore, Josh will ensure that the county provides no-cost public Narcan and overdose response trainings and provide educational opportunities for law enforcement, healthcare providers, service providers and users on harm reduction.


On-demand resources and “loved one” hotline

As commissioner, Josh will work to establish an on-demand centralized treatment resource system that can conduct short screenings over the phone to assess appropriate service referral. Additionally, the county will create a “loved one” hotline that can provide treatment services and counsel to family members of individuals affected by the disease of addiction without judgment or disrespect. All resources will be staffed with treatment navigators to help navigate the treatment and referral process, including after care assistance.


Research-backed Safety Practices

As commissioner, Josh will ensure that Chester County studies best practices when it comes to both the safety of the community and the safety of those afflicted with drug addiction. Among the things that can be considered is a diversion that moves survivors of drug use into treatment programs that will decrease their long term dependency. Chester County Law Enforcement should be given the training necessary to make such determinations and to adequately administer Narcan.