Progressive Values

Josh believes firmly in progressive values that center gender equality, racial equity, social justice, and the personal dignity of all people. As State Representative, he will continue to defend these values in Harrisburg. 


Officiating a wedding 

At a glance:


  • Josh is a longtime advocate for LGBTQ rights. As mayor, he has written anti-discrimination ordinances, and has had the honor of officiating several same-sex marriages.
  • Josh is proud to be both politically and personally pro-choice, believing that a woman's decisions about her body are between her and her doctor, and has spoken several times at rallies and marches for women's rights in Chester County and beyond.
  • In 2016, Josh wrote an ordinance ensuring that all police officers are trained on resources available to survivors of domestic violence within 6 months of their hire.
  • Josh is a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns and has frequently been outspoken on the need for gun reforms. He supports background checks for all gun purchases, banning assault weapons, and limiting the capacity of magazines and clips.
  • Josh supports fair redistricting of legislative districts by appointing an impartial, independent citizens commission to direct the process.
  • Josh has diversified the hiring of police officers and added bike patrols and specialized training for the opioid and domestic violence epidemics.





Josh is proud to support progressive social and economic causes in Downingtown, Chester County, and state- and nationwide. Some of his involvements include:

  • It’s On Us Municipal Task Force
  • Chester County Coalition to End Gender-Based Violence
  • Men Can End Domestic Violence Campaign
  • Coatesville Area NAACP
  • Mayors Against Illegal Guns
  • Mayors National Climate Change Action Agenda
  • Mayors for 100% Clean Energy
  • Founder, Downingtown Main Street Association (Current iteration)
  • Downingtown Community Education Foundation (Former Member)
  • La Communidad Hispana GED Teacher (Former)


banner photo credit: Miguel Serrano