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I decided to pursue political office because I believe it is the best way to help the most amount of people.  A single law, project, or cause could impact thousands of people and millions more in the aggregate and in perpetuity.   

I believe that service is an all-out commitment to the community. I am running for Chester County commissioner because I care deeply about the people of Chester County and I want to empower them to succeed. As mayor I have learned that no matter one’s job, class, race, faith, orientation, or family situation, everyone has something they need from their government, from the single mothers working 80+ hour weeks to take care of their children to the families alarmed at potentially dangerous developments in their backyards to parents struggling with children in the grips of addiction to seniors in need of social support. In the last few years many of these people have risen up to make their voices heard, become active in local politics and even our county party, and are rightly demanding more of their elected officials. I believe I can be a county commissioner who truly answers that need.


  • Lifelong Chester County Resident
  • 3-term Mayor of Downingtown
  • Masters Degree in Public Administration
  • Balanced 7-straight no-tax increase budgets
  • Member: Mayor's Against Illegal Guns, NAACP, National Climate Change, Mayors for 100% Clean Energy, Domestic Violence Center of Chester County's Boys to Men Board