In the News

Standing up to Trump

In 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump tweeted disparaging remarks about an abandoned industrial site in Downingtown—little knowing that Josh and the borough council had big plans to transform it into a state-of-the-art, LEED-certified mixed-use and transit-oriented development by bringing in a $224 million dollar investment.

Josh is proud to have stood up against Trump's lies about Downingtown and its future, and to have shown what a small town can do when it pulls together to rebuild and reuse.


Budget and Administrative

Most recently, Downingtown council discussed its 2019 proposed $11.9 M budget. This is the seventh consecutive year without a tax increase.  The budget includes funds from parking costs for the Green Street crosswalk, a project being led by Maxwell after senior citizens asked him for help. Maxwell helped initiate the project to make its safer for the seniors to cross the street near the Kardon Park entrance. The council members noted that pedestrians typically jaywalk in that area and this will make it safer for everyone to have a crosswalk.

Activism on Gender-Based Violence

Josh is a proud ally to all affected by gender-based and domestic violence, and has held fundraisers and attended rallies to put an end to all such crimes in Chester County.

Blair and Josh get married

Josh and his wife, the author Blair Thornburgh (and granddaughter of former Pennsylvania Governor Dick Thornburgh), were married in August, 2018, and celebrated their reception at Downingtown's own beautiful Dane Decor.


Josh is proud and humbled to have earned the endorsement of many progressive groups throughout the years.

Community Events & Leadership

As mayor, Josh knows the power of a dedicated community, and has helped found, organize, facilitate, and run everything from citizens' awards to community cleanups to vigils and rallies.