Health and Safety

The health and safety of every Chester County resident should be the top priority of the County Commissioners office.  Josh will work with the Department of Emergency Services to ensure every resident as top-tier protection from emergency service personnel.  Josh will strengthen our non-profits that provide crucial support for survivors of domestic and sexual violence such as the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County and the Crime Victim's Center.  Josh will ensure that all of our communities threatened by pipelines are have the strongest possible emergency plans in place in case of the most serious threat.

  • Work with experts to provide real solutions to addiction including opioids, by making mental health services more accessible and supporting research-backed harm reduction
  • Develop a community-supported emergency services plan for areas threatened by pipelines
  • Ensure Chester County has properly funded services for domestic and sexual assault survivors

At a glance:

  • Josh supports background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons, and limiting the capacity of magazines and clips
  • In 2016, Josh Maxwell wrote an ordinance ensuring that all police officers are trained on resources available to survivors of domestic violence within 6 months of their hire
  • Josh Maxwell has diversified the hiring of police officers and added bike patrols and specialized training for the opioid and domestic violence epidemics