Life & Work in Chester County

Chester County is a great place to live, work, start a business, and raise a family. As a mayor and local advocate, Josh has always closely with every community to ensure that the quality of life in in our area improves for everyone. As County Commissioner, he pledges to continue this commitment to improving and protecting Chester County as a safe, rewarding place to live and grow.

  • Will be available to every Chester County resident by hosting monthly office hours in every part of the county
  • Support the preservation of open spaces and stop the continued threat of development in the parts of Chester County that are crucial to our way of life
  • Advocate for public infrastructure investments that cut down on carbon use and provide more transportation assets for communities
  • Address the opioid crisis by promoting the treatment of drug addiction as a disease instead of a crime and providing a path to recovery while implementing research-backed harm reduction
  • Ensure Senior Centers throughout Chester County have the resources to provide top-tier services to their membership

At a glance:

  • Revived a non-profit, which facilitated over $200 million in investment in the Downingtown community and developed the capacity to support and help local businesses thrive.
  • Josh understands the importance of small businesses in our community and has helped to grow his community’s main street, in everything from boutique retail to upscale food service.
  • During Josh's tenure, the Downingtown Library has moved to a brand-new building with much-needed new space and updated facilities, all at no additional burden to the taxpayer, and Downingtown built a top-tier EMT and EMS station near its downtown, providing faster and more reliable emergency services.