Life and Work in Downingtown

Downingtown is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. As mayor, Josh has always closely with borough residents to ensure that the quality of life in Downingtown continues to be “small town heaven.”

At a glance:


  • In 2010, Josh revived the Downingtown Main Street Association, which has facilitated over $100m in investment in the Dowingtown community and developed the capacity to support and help local businesses thrive. 
  • Under Josh’s tenure, many new public events have come to our parks, including concert series, outdoor movies, and a farmers market.
  • New businesses continue to open on Downingtown’s main street, in everything from boutique retail to upscale food service.
  • The network of trails has grown even more, in the borough with the most park space per capita in the state.
  • The Downingtown Library has moved to a brand-new building with much-needed new space and updated facilities, all at no additional burden to the taxpayer.
  • Downingtown built a top-tier EMT and EMS station near its downtown, providing faster and more reliable emergency services.
  • In October 2017, Josh will host a 5K race to benefit local gender-based violence and women’s non-profits.